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April 21, 2020

What Is Your Vision For the Redevelopment of the Hoffman La Roche Property?

My redevelopment vision encompasses the following drivers: Must ensure that the redevelopment creates new job opportunities for our residents Restores lost tax revenues. Advances opportunities for our local businesses. Contributes positively to rising the value of our all of our property in Town. It must not negatively impact our Schools, Infrastructure or the Quality of Life in our Town. To …

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April 16, 2020

My Stance On Incurring Municipal Debt?

As the Township’s Director of Revenue and Finance, my stance on Municipal Debt is and will remain very conservative.  I will continue to manage municipal borrowing such that we never over extend ourselves. Early on, I implemented a capital management plan that enables the Township to safely make improvements to our buildings and parks, roadways, sewer and water system, Information …

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