Nutley Commissioner Tom Evans Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign
Highlights professional experience, and record of accomplishment, transparency, and efficiency in Nutley Township.

Nutley, New Jersey (February 12, 2020) – In front of a crowd of family, friends, and neighbors, and billed around his birthday, Nutley Township Commissioner Tom Evans launched his 2020 re-election bid last evening at Mamma Vittoria’s on Franklin Avenue.

Evans, a lifelong Nutley resident, has served on the Board of Commissioners as Director of Revenue and Finance for over 16 years. With over 40 years of professional financial, accounting, and corporate leadership experience, and recently retired as a Partner and Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), he now dedicates himself full-time serving as Commissioner.

Below are highlights from some of the comments he made throughout the night. A full video of formal remarks is available at

“We are effectively working through the most challenging period in our town’s history, by laying the groundwork for a more prosperous future – transitioning with Class A brands while preserving what makes Nutley special.”

“My work as Director of Revenue and Finance has been integral in securing nearly $25 million (and counting with negotiations underway for this year) of Transitional State Aid, worth $2,500.00 per household; as well as working to make sure Nutley is only paying its fair share of the County Tax Rate, efforts that resulted in a decrease in 2018 and 2019.”

“We stay within our CAPS, we manage our risk, and we ensure that all corporate tenants pay both our municipal and school tax.”

“We must spend less where we can.  My personal 2019 department costs are $365K less than in 2014.” 

“I represent all of our residents.  I am committed to professionalism and transparency in my role, and will never compromise our town for quick tax dollars.”

“Each Commissioner serves a vital role in your government, but none of us do it alone. It’s about unity, stewardship and teamwork. It takes all 5 of us working hard together to serve the best interests of Nutley. Being a Commissioner takes a lot of time, for me 35 to 40 hours per week. It takes a spirit of cooperation, teamwork and trust. I am proud to serve on our Board with my fellow commissioners.”

“Please consider a vote for me and allow me to return to work for the town I love so much.”