My redevelopment vision encompasses the following drivers:

  1. Must ensure that the redevelopment creates new job opportunities for our residents
  2. Restores lost tax revenues.
  3. Advances opportunities for our local businesses.
  4. Contributes positively to rising the value of our all of our property in Town.
  5. It must not negatively impact our Schools, Infrastructure or the Quality of Life in our Town.

To achieve this our redevelopment planning must create a new brand for the property and that brand must integrate with our community.  The converted site must then attract Class A tenants that meet this standard.

To date, we have made tremendous progress with the addition of the Seton Hall/Hackensack Medical School, Ralph Lauren, Modern Meadow, the Hackensack Center for Discovery and Innovation and on the Clifton side Quest Diagnostics.


As Director of Revenue & Finance What Is Your Role Here?

Since 2013, I have invested countless hours at the negotiating table with the Redeveloper and in special meetings helping to craft the various redevelopment plans and agreements, inclusive of very complex taxing agreements that provide for the full payment of our municipal and school tax.  As part of these negotiations, multiple pending tax appeals were eliminated as well.  I have had the opportunity to be extensively involved with this project beginning with the negotiations to establish the State first private Medical School.


It Seems That Progress Has Stopped Today. Why?

Most recently the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis has brought much of the activity here to a standstill.  Prior to this, the redeveloper most recently was concentrating on opportunities to build on the Clifton side since the redevelopment project is split between Nutley and Clifton.

It is not uncommon to have points of disagreement arise in a negotiation.  At the present time, we are working through a philosophical difference with the Redeveloper when it comes to understanding the impacts of traffic on our local streets when the property is fully rebuilt, especially given that there is only an east bound RT 3 exit from the property.

While we are working through this current impasse, we independently hired a traffic engineering firm to study the project and report their findings.  This work is ongoing, however, it has progressed far enough to confirm our concerns are justified.

Please know that the negotiating committee and your Board of Commissioners are fully aligned on the need to not only understand this impact but also the impacts on our schools and infrastructure.

As a Board, we represent every resident in Nutley not the redeveloper.